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Wedding rings series & prices

The prices of the rings are made up of different factors:

  • Material and number of layers
  • Ring width & ring thickness
  • Ring size
  • Manufacturing method (seamless or with joint)

Precious metal prices currently vary a lot and it is therefore even more difficult to publish a price. The prices listed here are only intended to be a price reference and are not binding, but very helpful.

I would be happy to provide you with an exact cost estimate by email or directly in the workshop without obligation.

Price reference per pair. In relation to the basic model (the first model shown).


Dimensions used for calculation:  5 x 2 mm – Ringsizes 54 & 62

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Series PLA

Palladium 150 & 500, Silber
Palladium 150 & 500, Silber & Gold

The PLA series is based on three gray-tone metals. This third shade of gray (Pd150) lowers the contrast between the silver and the dark palladium 500. Gold alloys can also be incorporated.

  • With joint: from 1248 EUR / pair
  • Seamless: from 1469 EUR / pair

Series Hz & HzAu

Palladium 500 & Silber
Palladium 500, Silber & Gold 917

Due to the use of two gray precious metals, these wedding rings are rich in contrast. By integrating a colored metal, it can be loosened up and give the rings a new charm.

  • With joint: from 1510.- EUR / pair
  • Seamless: from 1779.- EUR / pair

Series TRI

Palladium 500, Silber & Gold 917
Palladium 500, Silber & Gold 917

The increase in the wood series. The gold content has been increased in these wedding rings. The contrast is further reduced, but more color is brought into play. Lively and beautiful.

  • With joint: from 1510.- EUR / pair
  • Seamless: from 2169.- EUR / pair

Series LUX

750er Gold, Silber & Palladium 500
Rotgold, Palladium & Silber / Grün-,Gelb- & Rotgold
750er Gold, Palladium 500 & Silber
917er Gold & Platin

The main component is gold. The result is glowing rings. Classic but unconventional at the same time.

    • With joint: from 2439.- EUR / pair
    • Seamless: from 2869.- EUR / pair

Series PRLL

Palladium 500, Silber & Gold 917
Grüngold, Palladium & Platin
Grün-, Gelb- & Rotgold, Palladium & Platin
Gold 917 & Platin

Parallel lines are popular here. Simple, individual, timeless & unique. Just a few adjectives that come to mind about these rings.

These rings are only manufactured without joints.

Unfortunately, prices cannot be given as there are too many variants. But you can roughly orientate yourself on the other series.