Mokume gane wedding rings – a selection.

Serie Flaets.

A minimum width of 7mm is recommended for these rings. The more area, the larger the canvas and more grain is visible.

With this technology, the deformation takes place by deep drawing the previously grained sheet.

Series PLA.

The PLA (Plata) series of our wedding rings is based on three gray-tone metals. This third shade of gray thus lowers the contrast between the light silver and the dark Palladium 500. Colorful metals can also be integrated and give the whole thing a touch of color.


Series HZ & HZAU

Due to the use of two gray precious metals, these wedding rings are rich in contrast. By integrating a colored metal, it can be loosened up and give the rings a new charm.

All possible combinations possible.


Series TRI.

The increase in the wood series. The gold content has been increased in these wedding rings. The contrast is further reduced, but more color is brought into play. Lively and beautiful.


Series Lux.

The main components of these rings are gold or platinum.


Series Simul.

Part of the partner ring in one’s own. The division made to measure.

Series MOD.

Straight lines. Simple and elegant.