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Welcome to the world of grained jewelry – MOKUME GANE.

Passion, that's what lies behind the wedding rings and the jewelry in this workshop.
Fire & Metal: The fascination of joining metals through pressure and heat.
Forging, pressing & torsion: The long and captivating forming of metals.
The final result: Fascinating.
That is why I have been forging unique wedding rings and jewelry made from mokume gane for 16 years.

Mokume gane (jap. wood grain metal)

Mokume Gane is a forging technique that was born in Japan around 1600.
In forging technology, different colored metal sheets are connected in a vacuum using heat and pressure.
This bar is then forged, twisted and processed several times until diverse patterns are created.
From very gentle movements to very symmetrical patterns.


The Japanese term is an allusion to the resulting grain, because in Japanese means:

Moku: Wood   Me:Eye  Gane: Metal

Immerse yourself in the world of grained jewelry.