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Old gold & upcycling

liquid scrap gold


Old gold lies unused in every drawer.

What a nice way to put this to good use. But we can put it back into the cycle. So gold does not have to be mined unnecessarily. And can either be used directly or processed in the cleanest way.

In addition to the personal component, there is also the aspect of sustainability.

Bring your scrap gold! And we find the best way to process it.

What options do we have for this?

  • Purchasing and settlement (daily rate) with the new rings
  • Direct utilization of the precious metal for the production of the new wedding rings -> UPCYCLING

If there are a larger number of pieces, we will melt everything together, in attendance if you wish. The cast ingot is then sent to the refinery, either by the customer or by us. The analysis follows.
So we are safe on both sides and the processing is transparent.

The costs of the analysis are borne by the customer.


Upcycling is the easiest way to recycle your old gold 1 to 1.
However, this is only possible for wedding rings or simple rings.

But considering the following points:

  • The rings cannot be hallmarked with the fineness.
  • The color of the alloy cannot be controlled. (There are rare exceptions)
  • Leftover metal can be purchased. Analysis costs may arise for this. (see old gold)

All-inclusive costs for the wedding ring pair in the 1to1 method: EUR 400

Give us a call. Then we can discuss it in a short conversation.

Any Questions?

Call me directly: 030-81485677
Whatsapp: +493023184683

Or Tender Email me with pictures of your scrap gold!