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Mokume gane




Mokume Gane is a traditional Japanese metalworking technique that creates unique patterns reminiscent of wood grain. 
The term “Mokume Gane” means “metal wood grain” in Japanese. Different layers of metal alloys are bonded together and processed to create a laminated composite material with characteristic patterns. The process of making Mokume Gane involves several steps. 
Typically, thin sheets or foils of various metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and alloys such as Shakudo and Shibuichi are stacked into an ingot. The layers are then bonded together using heat and pressure, creating a solid block of laminated metal. After the block is made, the block is carved, shaped and machined to obtain the desired patterns. 
Various techniques such as carving, turning, drilling and milling can be used to expose the different layers of metal and create intricate designs. The block is then flattened and rolled to achieve the desired thickness.
Once the block of metal is prepared, it can be used to create various items such as jewelry, wedding rings, knife handles, decorative items, and even works of art. Mokume Gane's patterns and colors are highly sought after, making it a popular choice for unique and bespoke pieces. 

Mokume Gane requires a high level of skill and craftsmanship to achieve precise patterns and a seamless metal blend.
It is a time-consuming and intricate process that combines traditional techniques with artistic vision, producing stunning and unique creations.

Series & prices of mokume gane wedding rings

The prices of the mokume gane rings are made up of different factors:

  • Material and number of layers
  • Ring Width & Ring Thickness
  • Ringgröße
  • Type of manufacture (seamless or with joint) 

Precious metal prices are currently very variable and it is therefore even more difficult to publish a price. The prices listed here are therefore only intended as a price reference and are not binding, but helpful for orientation.

I would be happy to provide you with an exact cost estimate by email or without obligation directly in the workshop.

Price reference per pair . Based on the basic model (the first model shown).

Dimensions used for calculation: 5 x 2mm - Ring Sizes 54 & 62

Prices last updated on February 05.02.2020th, XNUMX.

Series PLA

Palladium 150 & 500, Silver
Palladium 150 & 500, Silver & Gold

The PLA series is based on three shades of gray metal. This third shade of gray (Pd150) lowers the contrast of the silver and the dark Palladium 500. Gold alloys can be installed in the same way.

5 x 2mm - Ring Sizes 54 & 62

  • With joint: from 1248.- EUR / pair
  • Seamless: from 1469.- EUR / pair

Series Hz & HzAu

Palladium 500 & Silver
Palladium 500, Silver & Gold 917

These wedding bands are rich in contrast thanks to the use of two gray precious metals. By including a colorful metal, it can be loosened up and give the rings a new charm.

5 x 2mm - Ring Sizes 54 & 62

  • With joint: from 1510.- EUR / pair
  • Seamless: from 1779.- EUR / pair

Series TRI

Palladium 500, Silver & Gold 917
Palladium 500, Silver & Gold 917

The increase of the series wood. The proportion of gold has been increased in these wedding rings. The contrast is further reduced, but more color is brought into play. Alive and beautiful.

5 x 2mm - Ring Sizes 54 & 62

  • With joint: from 1845.- EUR / pair
  • Seamless: from 2169.- EUR / pair

LX Series

750 Gold, Silver & Palladium 500

The main ingredient is gold. Glowing rings is the result. Classic but unconventional at the same time.

5 x 2mm - Ring Sizes 54 & 62

    • With joint: from 2439.- EUR / pair
    • Seamless: from 2869.- EUR / pair

Passion is what lies behind the wedding rings and jewelery in this workshop.
Fire & Metal: The fascination of joining metals with pressure and heat.
Forging, Pressing & Torsion: The long and absorbing transformation of metals.
The final result: Fascinating.
Therefore I have been enthusiastically forging unique wedding rings and pieces of jewelry from mokume gane for 18 years.