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What kind of jewelery is made by MVH?

MVH manufactures all models presented on the website. Special designs of mokume gane wedding rings, which were put together in a personal conversation, can also be realized, of course.

Which metals are used?

I work with the following precious metals:
Platin 960 / 585
Gold 585 /750 / 900 / 917
Palladium 500 / 200
Silber 925

Are copper alloys used?

Yes, but not in rings.
The well-known “Shibuishi” or “Shakudo” alloys are not used by us in rings. Despite their beauty, you have a big problem: They color and the color created by patina takes advantage of itself after a short time and acts “dingy”.

Very beautiful are these colors produced by patina in objects which are not designed for constant friction.

Do I produce the bars ourselves?

We make our output bars ourselves. This is why we have the opportunity to meet your requirements and forge your rings according to your wishes.
Through ingenious technology and our knowledge, we are able to combine high-quality materials with each other. Even if they have different melting points. This rejects the otherwise known statement that only metals with similar melting points can be used in mokume gane.

How are the rings manufactured?

Our mokume gane wedding rings can be forged seamless or with a seam.

Is the pattern to be seen forever?

The pattern is created by welding many metal layers and will therefore always be visible. Slight changes on the surface can occur over the years, but would only be visible in direct comparison with the starting pieces.

Is it possible to change the ring size?

It is possible to change the wedding rings in your ring size.
Only when the ring size has to be changed a lot, the ring thickness could be reduced somewhat, depending on the difference in size. The pattern remains largely identical.
We only accept liability for this process if the change takes place in our workshop.

Is it possible to set stones ?

Stones can also be set in mokume gane wedding rings. Will recommend this but not necessarily. Not for technical reasons but for aesthetic considerations:
A set stone will always determine the support direction of the mokume gane trauring and thus prevent the appearance of the further patterning.

Can mokume gane wedding rings be engraved?

Mokume gane wedding rings can be engraved in a normal way, which means either by hand or by laser.

How can I order my mokume gane wedding rings from mvh?

The best option is to visit us in our workshop in Berlin. There we can discuss your rings very carefully and you have an impression who will make your wedding rings.
Here you can also see our huge selection of mokume gane wedding rings.
A short trip to Berlin is always something beautiful.

Of course, you can also order by e-mail, telephone or in one of the cooperating galleries in Europe.
The wedding rings are shipped with a private logistics company.

How to pay?

When ordering, we ask for a 50% deposit.
The balance is then due upon receipt of the rings.
Even with shipping of rings the remaining amount is paid for the invoice. As far as you are resident in germany.
We trust our customers just as our customers trust us.
And fortunately they have not regretted to this day !!

Of course, you can also pay in CASH or EC / Credit card / Paypal / Klarna / Apple Pay.