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Trauringe mokume gane - Pt960 & Au585
Trauringe aus mokume gane. Edelmetalle: Gold 917, Silber 925 & Palladium 500

Mokume gane (jap.wood-grain-metal)


Mokume gane is a forging technique that was born around 1600 in Japan. In the forging technique of the mokume ganes, different colored metal sheets are first welded. Then forged several times and further processed until diverse patterns emerge. The Japanese term Mokume Gane is an allusion to the resulting grains, because in Japanese means Moku wood, Me-eye and Gane-Metall.

A special technique is to forge the rings without a seam. So we will have no pattern interruption. For this reason, the majority of the wedding ring pairs I have made are seamlessly forged from a mokume gane layer block. Even if the discipline of the manufacturer of seamless rings is the biggest challenge, rings with joint are no sign of inferior quality. Rings with a joint can be very exciting. Furthermore, rings with joints can be forged without a major battle of material and are therefore more attractively priced. Exception would be the series of the Flaets, because here both can be combined; creative and seamless.Thus, different techniques of forming lead to different design possibilities. And this is where the fun begins.

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