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Mokume gane (jap.Wood Grain Metal)

Mokume gane is a forging technique that was born in Japan around 1600. In the forging technique of the mokume gane, different colored metal sheets are first welded. Then forged and processed several times until diverse patterns are created.

The Japanese term mokume gane is an allusion to the resulting grain, because in Japanese moku means wood, me eye and gane metal.

It is a special art to seamlessly splice the rings, i.e. without interrupting the pattern. For this reason, the majority of the wedding ring pairs I made are seamlessly forged from a mokume gane layer block.

Even if seamless rings are the greatest manual challenge, rings with a joint are not a sign of inferior quality. Rings with a joint can be made very exciting. Rings with joints can also be forged without a large material battle and are therefore more interesting in terms of price.

The exception would be the Flaets series, because here you can combine both; creative and seamless.

Different forming techniques lead to different design options. And this is where the fun begins.

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