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Passion, that’s what lies behind the wedding rings and the jewelry in this workshop. Fire & Metal: The fascination of joining metals through pressure and heat. Forging, pressing & torsion: The long and captivating forming of metals. The final result: Fascinating. That is why I have been forging unique wedding rings and jewelry made of mokume gane for you for 16 years.

On these pages I would like to present both pieces of jewelry as well as moments from the production and workshop.

Trauringe aus der Schmuckwerkstatt mvh.

Mokume gane (Jap.: wood grain metal)

Mokume Gane is a forging technique that was born in Japan around 1600.
In forging technology, different colored metal sheets are connected in a vacuum using heat and pressure. This bar is then forged, twisted and processed several times until a variety of patterns are created. From very gentle movements to very symmetrical patterns.

The Japanese term is an allusion to the resulting grain, because in Japanese means:

Moku: Wood Me: Eye Gane: Metal

Immerse yourself in the world of grained jewelry.

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