On these pages, we would like to introduce you to the technique of the mokume gane, which will lead you into the world of grained wedding rings.

Through years of experimenting and forging we have been able to offer you mokume gane wedding rings in the highest quality and especially in almost all materials. Even pure palladium and platinum combinations are realizable.

Whether daring grain, or rather the plain line, platinum or gold wedding rings; We invite you to our pages to get an impression of our partly unique wedding rings.

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Mokume Gane Trauringe - Stripes
Mokume gane Bleche. Kurz vor dem Verbinden der Metalle, um Trauringe herzustellen.
Mokume gane Trauringe. Vorher und Nachher.

Mokume gane (jap. wood eye metal)


Mokume gane is a forging technique that was born around 1600 in Japan. In the forging technology of the mokume ganes, differently colored metal layers are first welded, then forged several times and processed until numerous colored patterns are created. The Japanese term “Mokume Gane” is an allusion to the resulting grain, because in Japanese, “Moku” means wood, “Me” eye and “Gane” metal.

A special art, and thus also a quality feature, is to make the rings jointless in the splicing-stretching process, i. Without pattern interruption. For example, a pair of mating pairs produced by mvh is seamlessly forged from a “Mokume gane” layer block, which has previously been manufactured according to the material requirements.

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