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Wedding rings & jewelry – made in Berlin.

mokume gane trauringe berlin

Mokume gane 

Is a forging technique that was born in Japan around 1600.
In forging technology, different colored metal sheets are connected in a vacuum using heat and pressure.
This bar is then forged, twisted and processed several times until a variety of patterns are created.

From very gentle movements to very symmetrical patterns. 

The Japanese term is an allusion to the resulting grain, because in Japanese means:

Moku: Wood   Me:Eye  Gane: Metal

Immerse yourself in the world of grained jewelry.

Wedding rings – classically beautiful & hand-forged

Classic wedding rings are also handcrafted here. Monochrome or multi-colored.
Unusual, with stones or very plain. Smooth or hammered structures.

trauringe konfigurator berlin
trauringe tantal berlin


Tantalum – One of the rarest metals in our solar system.

It is a dark and rare metal in our solar system. It has an exceptionally dark color, the feel is extremely pleasant and the weight is extremely pleasing.
These properties make this a wonderful metal for jewelry making.

Michael Andrés von hobe